Author's Guideline for Submission of Manuscript

  1. All submitted manuscripts must be original work that is not submitted to another journal or under consideration for publication in another form, such as a monograph or chapter of a book. Authors of submitted papers are obligated not to submit their paper for publication elsewhere until an editorial decision is rendered on their submission.
  2. Articles should be not be more than 15 pages including references. They must be typewritten, double spaced on one side only and on A4 paper. Author’s name and address. Submitted manuscripts are circulated for review without the author’s name and institutional identification.
  3. Articles should be headed by an abstract of not more than 200 words.
  4. Figures, tables and drawings should be clearly drawn and the position(s) marked in the text. Photographs where applicable should be in the form of large black and white glossy prints. They should be kept to the bearest minimum.
  5. Quoted passages of more than three typed lines should be extracted and indented five (5) spaces and typed single-line space. Shorter quotations should be enclosed in single inverted commas.
  6. Footnotes are not permitted. The Journal follows the author/date system of citation by which references is made in the text by citing the author’s surname and date of publication of the work. only published references should be cited.
  7. Generally, authors are expected to follow the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style.
  8. All works cited in the text must be listed under reference in alphabetical order of authors’ surname.
  9. The editorial Board reserves the right to accept or reject manuscripts where it is unavoidable to meet its standard/requirements and such decision is final. An author of published article may receive one copy of the journal free.
  10. Articles must be submitted via the e-mail ( and in Microsoft word format. Authors must include their mobile telephone numbers in every email sent to the Editorial Board via the above e-mail address.