• Suleiman SANI Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, Federal Polytechnic Idah, P M B 1037, Idah, Kogi State, Nigeria
  • Bola Michael ENIMOLA Department of General Studies Education, Kogi State College of Education (Technical), Kabba. P.M.B. 242, Nigeria
  • Rotimi Lawrence OSANUWA Computer Science Department, Kogi State College of Education (Technical), Kabba. P.M.B. 242, Nigeria.
Keywords: Globalization, Economic, Development, African Countries


Globalization as the process of intensification of economic, political, social and cultural relations across international boundaries captures the attention of everyone and especially economic development researchers. However, despite the prior prosperity promises of globalization and
the benefits of an information accessing society, the afterwards benefits have not been universal and global inequality has increased instead. Africa as a continent is believed to be endowed with abundant of both human and natural resources. But with all this resources Africa countries still remained highly backward and underdeveloped. The question is what has gone wrong with this continent? That exactly is the purpose of this paper i.e to provide an insight as to the causes of the above problem. The paper situated the problem within the unjust contact Africa had with the more developed world That have impelled series of cumulative and conjectural crisis in the international division of labor and global distribution of economic and political power; thereby qualifying basic African feature to be poverty, diseases and unemployment among other crisis of under development. The paper adopts Marxist perspective in its analysis (which concentrates on economy base of society because it determines other superstructure of the society). Finally, the paper suggests some recommendations among which are to improve  democratization process, policy reorientation and commitment to policy implementation, etc.